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The Marathon field computer packs all of the mission-critical features and connectivity mobile workers require to thrive into an IP65-rated fully-rugged design. At just 2.2 pounds with a thin 1.3˝ profile, the Marathon is easy to maneuver, and with Gobi™ WWAN radio, Summit 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, it connects from any distance. Combined with an Atom processor running a full Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows® 7 operating system, the Marathon presents an uncompromised technology experience.

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Marathon Accessories

FX1002DSKDOCK - Marathon desk dock, includes power supply and US power cord
FX1003DSKDOCK - Marathon desk dock, includes power supply, C14 type power cord required
FX1005VMDOCK - Marathon vehicle dock
FX1385CHARGER - Marathon 4 unit extended battery charger for use with FX1381BATTERY and FX1382BATTERY, includes power supply and US power cord
FX1386CHARGER - Marathon 4 unit extended battery charger for use with FX1381BATTERY and FX1382BATTERY, includes power supply, C14 type power cord required
FX1301PWRSPLY - Marathon AC/DC power supply with US cord
FX1302PWRSPLY - Marathon AC/DC power supply, C14 type power cord required
FX1311PWRSPLY - Marathon 12V DC input to 19V DC output automobile power adapter (cigarette adapter )
FX1312PWRSPLY - Marathon 12V DC input to 12V DC output automobile power adapter (cigarette adapter) for use with FX1005VMDOCK
FX1070CABLE - Power adapter cable, Bare Wire, 12-36VDC for use with FX1005VMDOCK
FX1381BATTERY - Marathon 42Whr extended battery, Lithium Ion
FX1382BATTERY - Marathon 62Whr extended battery, Lithium Ion
FX1051CABLE - Marathon USB and Ethernet adapter cable for use with FX1005VMDOCK
FX1501IMAGER - Marathon 2D imager (SE4500) add-on peripheral
FX1410CASE - Marathon carry case, includes shoulder strap.  Works with FX1381BATTERY and FX1382BATTERY
FX1401HANDSTRAP - Marathon hand strap, including hardware
FX1420SHDSTRAP - Marathon shoulder strap, including hardware
FX1530LCDFILM - Removable touch screen protective film with anti-glare coating, 10 pack
FX1520STYLUS - Stylus Kit with tethers, 10 pack


Replace Multiple Devices: Eliminates cost of purchasing and maintaining both a laptop or desktop computer and a hand-held device; replaces desktop or laptop computer when used with desk dock and offers the data capture functionality and ergonomics of a hand-held device when undocked

Network Compatibility: Saves time and resources with no-hassle integration with Microsoft® Windows-based applications and management systems

Anywhere Wireless Connectivity: Supports real-time connectivity to critical information with WLAN and GPS.

Advanced Ergonomics: Improves ease of use and worker efficiency with easy-to-carry, lightweight, thin design

Versatile Data Capture: Saves time and money with onthe-spot exception documenting and report filing using the full QWERTY keypad, touchscreen, biometric mouse, camera and available 2D imager

High-Visibility: 7” touchscreen is sized to allow viewing of schematics, detailed graphics, performance dashboards, or field-intensive forms and warehouse management system screens, all without the overscrolling that hinders productivity; performs well in any lighting condition, from the darkest corner to the brightest sunlight

Rugged: 4’ drop, IP65-rating, and solid state mass storage drive result in a lower cost of ownership and reduced down time in the most demanding environments

Field Computing

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