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The model ER-260 is SAM4s brand new perfect solution for all business environments. This cash register provides speed, accuracy and security in your retail or hospitality operations. The ER-260 series loaded with many features, convenient for both clerks and customers.

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  • Features
  • Applications and Advantages
  • 4 VAT or 2 Add on tax or 1 straight tax will give you the convenience of calculating various taxes.
  • 1000 PLUs (Price look-up) feature to automatically price and track sales is for up to 1000 fast moving items. This feature will lead to high throughput.
  • Real time Clock-hourly sales reporting
  • Printing the time, charging the data, and generating hourly sales reports are all possible. Hourly report data details the net sales and customer count for each hour of the day
  • 15Departments 15 departments increase the ease of operation and point of purchase control in retail & hospitality applications. Fast moving items can be easily checked for price and count.
  • A complete analysis of your department sales, function totals, and actual drawer totals gives you a thorough review of your business. This financial analysis feature will bring total control over your budget, stock status, etc.
  • Flat or Raised keyboard selectable 49 keys
  • Quick & quiet Thermal Printer
  • Graphic logo
  • Real time clock
  • Euro currency
  • Customer Rear Display(option)
  • Mid size drawer-New carbon effect included
  • RS-232C port for kitchen printer and PC utility
  • Daily and periodic X & Y report
  • Mid-sized Retail and
  • Hospitality Markets
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