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Voyager 1202g-bf Battery-Free Wireless Laser Scanner
Barcode Scanner Honeywell's Voyager™ 1202g-bf single-line laser scanner incorporates breakthrough battery-free technology offering the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology without the maintenance hassle long recharge
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Voyager 1452g Wireless Upgradeable Area-Imaging Scanner
Barcode Scanner The Voyager 1452g allows enterprises to embrace area-imaging at their own pace and in the most cost-effective manner Built on the platform of
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Voyager 1602g Upgradeable Pocket Scanner
Barcode Scanner Honeywell’s affordable Voyager 1602g scanner packs high-performance scanning technology into an elegant and pocketable form factor—making it the perfect scanning companion to tablet-based
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Enhanced Xenon 1902h Wireless Area-Imaging Scanner
Barcode Scanner Honeywell’s Xenon healthcare scanner has long been the choice for best-in-class healthcare organizations looking to improve their medication administration and positive patient identification
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Voyager 1202 (New)
Barcode Scanner Voyager™ 1202g single-line laser scanner incorporates the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology and offers a field-replaceable battery that can be quickly and easily
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8820 Wireless Extended Range Rugged Scanner (New)
Barcode Scanner Honeywell's 8820 extended range laser scanner from Honeywell offers ergonomic design and durability for tough work environments For users that need wireless capabilities
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3820 Cordless Linear Image Scanner
Barcode Scanner The 3820 combines exclusive Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5 0 with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity to provide class-leading performance and durability for retail and commercial
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FocusBT 1633
Barcode Scanner Honeywell’s FocusBT® 1633 is the hand-held area-imaging scanner that surpasses all wireless area-imaging scanners by combining Bluetooth®wireless technology with aggressive scan performance.
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4820 Cordless Area Imager
Barcode Scanner  Honeywell’s 4820 wireless area-imager is designed to provide the unmatched data collection versatility of 2D imaging for a wide variety of light industrial
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Xenon 1902
Barcode Scanner Xenon 1902 Honeywell’s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for bar
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1166 Bluetooth Scanner
Barcode Scanner Freedom to the workers lets them do more for your customers your business Built with a safe linear imaging reader the 1166 Bluetooth
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1266 Bluetooth Scanner
Barcode Scanner  The CipherLab 1266 Bluetooth laser scanner roams up to 100 meters 328 ft to go where the work and customers are Even while
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1560 Bluetooth Scanner
Barcode Scanner Increase productivity and accelerate workflow with the fast dependable 1560 Bluetooth linear imaging scanner Delivering a speedy 200 decodes second the 1560's 2500-pixel
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1562 Bluetooth Scanner
Barcode Scanner  Enable workers to accomplish more with the agile dependable 1562 Bluetooth wireless laser scanner Built for long-lasting service companies benefit from years of
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1564 Bluetooth Scanner (New)
Barcode Scanner CipherLab's 1564 scanner offers enhanced data capture to streamline everyday processes in retail medical and postal environments The 1564 is able to read
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1600 Series Bluetooth® Scanners
Barcode Scanner Being pocket-sized the 1600 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in healthcare field sales and field service With the reader options
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1660/1661 Bluetooth Scanners (New)
Barcode Scanner  Smaller than your mobile phone the 1660 series packs a lot of versatility in such a handy package The 1660 series delivers thousands
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1660H Bluetooth Scanner New!
Barcode Scanner Smaller than your mobile phone the 1660 series packs a lot of versatility in such a handy package The 1660 series delivers thousands
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